Casino Night Los Angeles World Class Events

The perfect corporate event is an exciting evening spent at Casino Night LA. This casino's expert staff sees to every music, catering, and gaming need. The scene here is so versatile it even features star magicians with original talent and showmanship. Every time your business decides to treat its employees, an evening spent with us will create lasting memories and fun times. We can create unique holiday-themed events, as well as, private luxury corporate staff cruises and lucrative fundraisers.

Our casino's incredible spectrum of gaming opportunities includes favorites like:

  • high stakes Poker
  • double-down Blackjack
  • fast-paced Roulette
  • long table Craps
  • and much more!

Our competitor casinos only offer a thin and unexciting roster of games. We provide fun and excitement for every personal taste and gambling forte. Clients of our establishment are treated with refined excellence and receive value-based access. This is a guarantee that our staff works hard to maintain. There is no need to search and worry about how to provide a memorable and rewarding casino party for your next corporate event. Though our staff is excellent at providing specialized fun for individuals celebrating a special time, they also welcome the idea of hosting a large corporate party.

Have A Corporate Party In The Traditional Las Vegas Style

Our staff is exemplary at recreating the same dazzling ambiance and appeal of Sin City on the floors of our casino. No corporate party is too intimate, nor too large for a just-like-Vegas experience. Our sense of fun allows your staff and guests to leave the drudgery of work and life behind them for a night, and let loose in a safe, fun and engaging environment.

The efforts that are dedicated to our casino parties are at-par with the displays in Las Vegas. No amenity is held back, and once-in-a-lifetime parties can become a reality. Call us for an honest and fair party price quote and a description of what type of fun our facility can provide for your special event.

A Fascinating Reminder

It is proven statistically that 93% of corporate employees attending parties at our casino, report that they learned about their coworkers and felt more comfortable around each other after each event. This makes the staff here so grateful for your patronage.


Dave Liberman - LA

We had a company christmas party that we used CNLA for, and we couldn't have been happier with the results. Everyone loved it!